is a magazine for the modern woman who chooses to live through her cruelty free values and standards. We are for the women who believe that the ethical exploitation of animals and nature are unacceptable. You can find recipes here, thought writings and all the information you need to have for living a vegan lifestyle.

SIVM distinguishes itself by changing the focus, it’s not just about the plate, instead it is about the entire lifestyle, about how to continue the position and retain our motives as a modern woman in a world that doesn’t share our values and believes on ethical ground.

The chaos of our lives many times makes us forget that nothing is self-evident. We worry about how we look, what we wear, the job, the exam, the boyfriend, the crush, the failures and our image while we destroy what keeps us standing and alive.


All life on it should be considered special and of high value, but yet we continuously destroy pieces without really grasping the consequences and appreciating what has given us, the air we breath, the water we drink. Selfishness has rearranged the world for needs and wishes, it has stopped growth and lost all its natural shapes. Not only has it poisoned our oceans and its sea life, have we made nature reserves disappear and extinguish creatures, we poison our own bodies and those of who we love, risk our own health and mistreat innocent animals for our taste, entertainment and beauty.

There is no planet B and the planet as we know off has no endless possibilities, no endless strength or healing powers. Even the earth can reach it’s limits of destruction. Over consumption and overuse isn’t necessary, stopping the abuse of the earth is. 

Being vegan doesn’t just mean not eating or wearing anything that comes from animals, it goes far further than that, the realization that no life is of higher value than others. Te believe that there are only equals and now more then ever there needs to be an universal responsibility to all forms of life.

We are a movement, creating awareness and discovery, showing that being vegan is not an extreme option but is starting to be a prominent lifestyle that grows day by day and has the most loyal and self-conscious followers of them all. We put a spotlight on our empathic believes and are opposing any way of sacrificing for the pursuit of beauty, fashion and taste.