Raw-manda, A collection of colorful feeds, her photo’s are mostly filled with exotic fruits plates and delicious bowls. It’s no wonder she has 464K followers at this moment, a growing number.


SjaneElise is a lifestyle and travel photojournalist, a sweat-trainer and blogger who shares pictures of herself practicing yoga at the beach and eating fresh fruits. Her life on beautiful waters and white beaches made 1.3 million people want to follow her amazing feed.


Lonijane caused a lot of stir with her controversial diet while being pregnant which contained of 20 banana’s a day. These days she has more children, sharing photo’s of amazing fruit plates, her family and beach life, she also has an ebook that’s completely focussed on a plant based organic lifestyle.


Ellenfisher shares lots of photo’s of her family; together with her three adorable kids and husband eating fruit and vegetables. If you love nature, beaches and family life her page is definitely one to follow.


Talinegabriel talks and shares real food, her photographs have a luxurious appearance and she takes beautiful photo’s. She’s the owner of the new hippie lane app where she shares recipes.


Earthyandy, mother and wife, living in Hawaii and containing a plant baed lifestyle. Her IG is full of cute family photographs, ocean life and fruit plates.


FullyRawKristina has one of the biggest plant based IG in the world, you probably already have heard of her with her 1 million followers and growing! She calls herself a health and lifestyle advocate and encourages everyone to eat a fully raw diet. Kristina is a best selling author, vlogger, and chief who shares photo’s of herself with lots of fruit.